Upcoming Events


6 Feb  Paul Gordon  
27 Feb    
12 Mar Steve Dela Multi award winning magician
26 Mar  Sean Goodman  
9 Apr  Saturn Magic  
30 Apr Close up Competition  
14 May  AGM  
28 May  Tom Crosbie  
4 Jun  Trevor Duffy  
25 Jun    
9 Jul    
23 Jul    
10 Sep    
17 Sep    
8 Oct    
29 Oct    
5 Nov    
26 Nov  Stage Competition  

Past Events (click to view)


9 Jan Workshop Show off your latest miracles and catch up with club members
23 Jan Seb Hunt Trade show magic


10 Jan Workshop Theme is "What I got for Christmas"
17 Jan Chris Wood Close-up
7 Feb Marc Paul Top UK mind-reader, psychological magician and corporate event speaker
28 Feb Joel Dickinson Up and coming award winning Magician
7 Mar Shawn Farquhar Top Canadian Magician and Illusionist
16 Mar Annual Dinner - Hilton, Cobham Book your tickets now before it sells out!
28 Mar Wayne Dobson An absolute legend of magic
4 Apr Olly Graham The 'F' word
25 Apr Close-Up Competition Be the best and take home the trophy
2 May Marc Oberon World Champion Close-Up and Stage Performer
16 May AGM Your chance to have your say
6 Jun Mark Shortland Comedy magician
20 Jun Wayne Goodman Author, creator and professional performer
4 Jul Chris Rawlins Mentalism and Mind Reading
18 Jul Chris Wardle Magical inventor and author
August Summer Socials  
12 Sep Kainoa Harbottle Top USA Coin Magician
26 Sep Goldie Puricelli Signed magic
3 Oct Steve Wood Magician and Mindreader
24 Oct Steve Biddle Paper Magic
7 Nov Myles Thornton Young talent, making his name in the Magic world
28 Nov Stage Competition Highlight of the year
December Christmas Social  


11 Jan Workshop  
25 Jan Jamie Daws Creator of close-up magic
8 Feb Ben Williams Unbelievable magic!
22 Feb Richard Pinner Performing a magic show for children
8 Mar Benjamin Earl One of magic’s most gifted sleight-of-hand artists
10 Mar Annual Dinner - Hilton, Cobham Book your tickets now before it sells out!
29 Mar Boris Wild Renowned French magician
19 Apr Sean Heydon 'The Alternative Magician'
26 Apr Close-up competition Be the best and win the trophy!
10 May Marcus Eddie  
24 May Workshop  
14 Jun Jamy Ian Swiss Renowned sleight-of-hand performer specializing in close-up card magic
21 Jun AGM Help shape the future of your club
5 Jul Pat Page Magic A fascinating talk about the legendary Pat Page
19 Jul Paul Voodini Reader of minds
9 Aug Social - Reigate (see email for details)
23 Aug Social - Ashtead (see email for details)
6 Sep Workshop  
27 Sep Carl Royle How I Feed My Children More!
4 Oct Ace Magic Studio Dealer Dem
25 Oct The Grumbleweeds Legendary comedy act, The Grumbleweeds, present a no-holds-barred comedy lecture and Q&A session, where they'll lift the lid on all things comedy...
27 Oct An Evening of Magic The Surrey Society of Magicians present a full evening of magical entertainment on Saturday 27th October at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley. There will be an hour of close up magic followed by 3 stage acts in the main auditorium. Tickets are £15
8 Nov James Went BAFTA award winning magician
22 Nov Stage competition Be the best and win the trophy!
6 Dec Christmas social - Ashtead (email will be sent nearer the time)


26 Jan Nick Einhorn  
9 Feb Workshop  
23 Feb Ali Cook  
9 Mar Rajan (Rescheduled from 12th Jan)
25 Mar Annual Dinner - Hilton, Cobham  
30 Mar John Carey  
13 Apr Close-Up Competition  
27 Apr Thom Peterson  
11 May Morgan & West  
25 May AGM  
8 Jun Dan Boyles  
22 Jun Christian Engblom  
13 Jul Shoot Ogawa  
20 Jul Anthony Owen  
August Informal TBA  
7 Sep Carl Royle How I Feed my Children
21 Sep Ferran Rizo Elegant Spanish close-up magic
12 Oct Andy Clockwise  
19 Oct Halloween Workshop Bring along magic suitable for halloween or adapt a trick to make it spooky!
9 Nov Jim Krenz  
23 Nov Stage Competition  
December Informal TBA  


14 Jan Ian Keable Comedy magician and mindreader
28 Jan Workshop Sharpie Moves, Sponge Balls, Card Forces
4 Feb John Field Houdini & Chung Ling Soo
25 Feb Roy Davenport Magic + Stagecraft
10 Mar John Palfreyman 80 years as a magical nut!
12 Mar Annual Dinner - Hilton, Cobham  
31 Mar Diego Minevitz Extreme Magic from Argentina
14 Apr Close-Up Competition The trophy everyone wants to win
28 Apr Oliver Tabor Professional Magician & FISM finalist
19 May AGM  
26 May Gary Jones Professional Close-up magician
9 Jun Vincent Hedan French award winning magician
30 Jun Steve Rowe Professional UK Magician
14 Jul Chris Wardle  
28 Jul James Brown POWA magic lecture. James will cover audience management, pickpocketing, hypnosis - including how to stick someone's foot to the floor!
August Informal TBA  
8 Sep Etienne Pradier French magician and member of the Magic Circle with Gold Star
22 Sep Workshop Learn from your fellow magicians. Topics including: Card Warp, Impromptu Magic, Magic Square
3 Oct Steve Beam  
13 Oct Critique Night  
20 Oct Ian Rowland  
10 Nov David Stone Third visit from top flight Frenchman
24 Nov Stage Competition  
December Informal TBA  


8 Jan Workshop  
22 Jan Paul Gordon Cards
12 Feb Scott Creasey Mentalism
26 Feb Scott Penrose & Steve Short Alan Shaxon book
12 Mar Joseph Barry  
21 Mar Annual Dinner - Reigate Manor Hotel  
26 Mar Cody S Fisher Master Magician
9 Apr Chris Randall
David Tomkins
Original and creative children's magic
23 Apr Close-Up Competition  
14 May Peter Eggink Creator
28 May Doc Eason Bar Magic
11 Jun Michael Dardant Comedy
25 Jun Chris Wood Close Up
9 Jul Workshop  
30 Jul Alan Maskell *CHANGE OF DATE*
13/27 Aug Summer  
10 Sep Trevor Duffy Corporate
24 Sep Joanne McGowan Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging
8 Oct Will Gray Close Up
22 Oct Ryan Schultz *CANCELLED*
29 Oct Club members Stage performance - critique night
12 Nov Noel Qualter Noel is a professional magician and magic consultant for Objective Productions advising on shows such as Help My Supply Teacher is Magic, Now You See It and Killer Magic.
In this lecture he will share his inventive close up magic which has a strong focus on quirky humour.
26 Nov Stage Competition  
10/24 Dec Christmas  


9 Jan Ben Train Top Canadian Magician
11/12 Jan The Session Convention Cheltenham
23 Jan Dave Bonsall Dealer Dem from the Key Fob man
13 Feb Chris Congreave  
21-23 Feb Blackpool Convention  
27 Feb Matthew Wright A Magic Circle Close-Up Champion
8 Mar Annual Dinner at Preston Cross Hotel  
13 Mar Mark James  
27 Mar Danny Cole U.S.A. Magician
10 Apr Annual Close-Up Competition  
24 Apr Dan Hauss Amazing magical inventor
8 May Dave Loosley Comedy Magician
15 May AGM Followed by Auction  
12 Jun Peter Samelson Small change makes a big difference
19 Jun Bruno Copin French thread magic
10 Jul Andi Gladwin Postponed from 2013
24 Jul Chris Wardle Something for everybody! 
14 Aug Informal at The Brewery PH Ashtead  
28 Aug BBQ at White Hart Pub, New Haw  
11 Sep Alex Pandrea Card magician from NYC. Hailed as a modern master of the pass
25 Sep Axel Hecklau Inventor of Newsflash from Germany
9 Oct Workshop  
23 Oct Henry Evans World champion magician from Argentina
6 Nov Karl Hein Diabolically clever magic
27 Nov Stage competition  


10 Jan Bill Abbott Return visit from Canada
12/13 Jan The Session - Convention at Cheltenham  
20 Jan Annual Show at The Rose Theatre  
24 Jan Will Houston Out with the NEW in with the OLD
7 Feb James Prince Restaurant Magic
22/24 Feb Blackpool Convention  
28 Feb Owen Lean Street Magic
14 Mar Paul Hallas Yorkshireman now in the USA!
21 Mar Close –Up Competition Be a star and win the trophy
23 Mar Annual Dinner - The Preston Cross Hotel DO NOT MISS IT!!!
11 Apr Dave Forrest  
25 Apr AGM followed by auction Decide YOUR clubs direction
9 May Greg Wilson Brilliant USA Magician
12 May Bristol Day of Magic  
23 May Scott Wells Corporate magician, Houston Texas
13 June Paul Draper  
27 June Walt Lees  
11 July BBQ - to be confirmed  
25 July Jozsef Kovacs  
12 September Martin Cox Sound advice from thug of magic
26 September Diamond Jim Tyler Return of this versatile American
10 October Steve Evans UK Comedy magician
17 October Magic Auction 200 lots
24 October Jan Logemann FISM card champion + comedy
3 November Portsmouth Jumbo Day  
14 November Angelo Carbone Brilliant magic inventor
15, 16, 17 November 42nd International Magic Convention  
28 November Annual Stage Competition PLUS Special Guest  


12 Jan Alan Shaxon Mr. Sophisticated! IPP of TMC
14 - 15 Jan The Session - Convention at Cheltenham  
21 Jan Annual Show at The Rose Theatre  
26 Jan Dr. Todd Landman Mentalist behind Psycrets
28 - 29 Jan SEMC Bournemouth  
9 Feb Matthew Wright  
17 – 19 Feb Blackpool Convention  
23 Feb Mr. Tango Specialist coin manufacturer
8 Mar Vox Bros. Hilarious professional duo
22 Mar Richard Pinner Return visit from a full time pro
24 Mar Annual Dinner Bookham Grange Hotel  
12 Apr Sebastian Hunt Magician and author of TBOMB
26 Apr Close –Up Competition Be a star and win the trophy.
1 May Rafael Benatar Brilliant Spanish Magician
10 May John Carey  
24 May AGM followed by auction Decide YOUR clubs direction
14 Jun Etienne Pradier  
28 Jun Magic with Wayne Fox Dealer Dem
9 – 14 Jul FISM  
12 Jul Tony Griffith  
26 Jul Club social BBQ  
9 Aug Informal at The Brewery PH, Ashtead  
23 Aug Informal at The Brewery PH, Ashtead  
13 Sep Joe Monti USA
26-30 Sep IBM Convention, Great Yarmouth  
27 Sep Oliver (Olly) Graham Kids, Close-Up and Stage Magic
11 Oct Ali Cardabra The Count
25 Oct Lee Thompson Pickpocket
4 Nov Portsmouth Jumbo Day  
8 Nov David Stone France
12-16 Nov London Festival of Magic  
16-18 Nov International Magic Convention  
22 Nov Stage Competition  
13 Dec Informal at The Brewery PH, Ashtead followed by a Christmas Meal  

Please observe the rules of the theatre and show consideration to neighbours when parking and leaving the club.


Visitors fees – visiting lecturer £10.00; other nights £5.00 (if you bring a guest please make sure that their fee is paid)